Stormwater Tast Force Taking on MS4 Permit Issues

By: Mike McSweeney

BIA’s Stormwater Task Force is working on smoothing out problems that are arising with the implementation of the new MS4 Permit. Since February 19th of this year, when the new permit requirements went into effect, projects have been dealing with various city staffs and their interpretation of certain aspects of the permit requirements. Some of the calls they are making are incorrect and inaccurate.

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The BIA has spent significant resources and Task Force efforts to ensure the least amount of disconnect in the regional Best Management Practices (BMP) Design Manual. While not everyone understands the intent of the new regulations, we are working on shortening the learning curve at City Hall.

If your project is experiencing delays, or you’re having disagreements with staff on your stormwater requirements, contact Mike McSweeney, coordinator of the Stormwater Task Force. Task force members are working with various jurisdictions to achieve a clear and certain interpretation on what the new requirements are and how to properly implement them.