Great things come in small packages

By Michael Harris Melissa Stayner

Energy. Enthusiasm. Passion. These are just a few of the characteristics that make up this week’s Volunteer Rock Star.  When you meet Melissa Stayner from LGC Valley Geotechnical, the first thing you notice is her big smile and that she’s barely over 5 feet. Then, as you talk with her, you quickly experience her enormous passion for what she does and for our industry.  This is the driving force behind why Melissa is making such a huge impact for all of us.

Continued from eWeekly pointer finger image(Continued from eWeekly)

As a fairly new BIA member whose company joined mid last year, Melissa took the advice of getting involved to heart. She joined our yGEN Council and is currently a Board Member at Large, who is looking to be voted on as a Board Member next year. Additionally, Melissa is a frequent guest on our Building Resource Council, providing her expertise as an Associate Geologist.

Being involved on two Councils might be plenty for some. However, Melissa doesn’t stop there. She is always there to volunteer at one of our great events and has joined the group responsible for planning next month’s BIA Icon Awards, including the awards program itself and the evening event.

All of the above is quite an effort specifically relating to the BIA. But, through her experience with the buildSD PAC (BIA political efforts), Melissa quickly realized the significance of local planning groups. She took it upon herself to run and get voted onto the North Park Planning Committee, providing advisory recommendations to the City of San Diego relating to her community’s local land use and development projects. This was a huge accomplishment.

As the BIA looks to our next generation to become leaders for our industry, we are excited to see Melissa Stayner not just talking about making a difference, but already making it happen.  On behalf of the entire industry, keep going strong, Melissa!