Sacramento: Shame on YOU!

By Borre Winckel, President & CEO   shame on you

Shame on our Democratic leadership for keeping silent before, during and after the demise of Governor Brown’s “By-Right” proposal to DO SOMETHING positive for housing. Shame on You for paying lip service to caring about our State’s high housing cost crisis, while doing zilch to help advance even a modest proposal. 

Shame on You for being so blatantly obvious who really pulls your strings.   (Continued from eWeekly)

Continued from eWeekly pointer finger imageWhen the union trades, the environmentalists and the renter advocacy organizations walked away from the Governor’s “By-Right” table, the public took it in the socks again! Shame on You for losing a critical opportunity to reign in skyrocketing housing costs. The break down in the “By-Right” proposal negotiations epitomizes everything that is wrong with our State’s housing politics. 

  •  The proposal’s “By-Right” aspect merely acknowledged the regulatory propriety and high cost benefit of previously approved residential zoning. The proposal’s floundering fully exposes and clarifies why the housing industry has such a challenge with producing affordably priced housing for the Middle Class.

The State’s leadership has once more shown the world that the unions and the environmentalists come first and last.  Your abrogation of your constitutional duty to insure the welfare and well-being of the public guarantees their continued financial hardship. Rental costs will go up again as the critically needed supply of new housing will be suppressed by your inaction.

Shame on You!