PGL Members, We Need Your Help!

By Michael Harris
Now, more than ever, our industry is facing huge hurdles from those who aren’t even government/environmental agencies. The biggest adversary currently to our industry and your livelihood are called NIMBYs. These “Not In My Back Yard” individuals all have their homes and really don’t want anyone else to get one. This group can be very organized and very loud, so as an industry, we must counter this to make sure new projects from our builder members can move forward. If not, the housing crisis will get even worse.


We have two PGLs in the next month that are going for City Council approval. Depending on your time and your location, you can go to both or just one of them. We just need you to participate. Both these builders are needing your help.  Additionally, if you live in either of these two areas, please make sure we know because that will be a huge plus for the City Council meetings.






(Continued from The Weekly)
PACIFIC VILLAGE (City of San Diego) – Lennar


Pacific Village is a new 41.5-acre, 601-home new-home infill community that will provide ownership and rental opportunities for middle-class San Diego families near jobs and transportation.  Consistent with the Rancho Penasquitos Community Plan, Pacific Village helps achieve San Diego’s goal of creating more quality housing for the City’s middle-class families.


PGL Pre-meeting with Lennar Team
Friday, Feb 23rd, 11:30-1:00pm
BIA Office: 9201 Spectrum Center Blvd. #110, San Diego, CA 92123
San Diego City Council Meeting
Monday, March 5th, 2:00pm


RSVP to: Ashley Johnson


DISCOVERY VILLAGE (San Marcos) – HG Fenton Company
Discovery Village South is a single-family residential community with up to 230 planned homes on approximately 40 acres. Approximately 130 homes will be traditional single-family and another 100 will be in a courtyard configuration. They need people that support attainable housing to counter the few loud voices of the NIMBYs from the surrounding neighborhood.  If you live or work in San Marcos, please make sure you are participating.


PGL Pre-meeting with HG Fenton Company Team
Tuesday, Feb 27th,  11:30-1:00pm
BIA Office: 9201 Spectrum Center Blvd. #110, San Diego, CA 92123
San Marcos City Council Meeting
Tuesday, March 13th,  6:00pm




Thank you for your support and commitment to our industry.  Project Green Light is the best way to make a huge impact for our industry, as well as get great one-on-one time with the builder.