Elitist Environmentalists Strike Again!

By Borre Winckel, President & CEO
It is a fact that CA is responsible for less than 1% of global green house gas (GHG) output. It is a fact that the environmentalist “Infill Vision,” based on shifting the population towards Transit Oriented Development, will dent this 1% by under 1%.  It will be fact, that CA’s economy will be crushed by the Climate Action Agenda, which doesn’t care much about the poverty this creates.  Get ready CA! You think we have a homeless crisis now?  This is just the beginning. CA’s regressive regulatory environment creates homelessness. One more thing. Our annual wild fires create more GHG output than we can ever hope to curtail by law.  Think about that! Now this, from the same people who filed the County’s no-growth measure: Lawsuit Challenges San Diego County’s Sprawl-promoting Climate Plan