THANK YOU for your Support of the BIA Cares Backpack Drive 2018

BIA Cares completed its Fourth Annual BACK PACK DRIVE with great support from our membership. We want to say THANK YOU to those who provided donations to purchase “375” backpacks for local schools. This year backpacks will be donated to National Community Renaissance (National CORE) and Hope Through Housing Foundation with a giant give-a-way event on July 28th in San Marcos. Your $20 donation provides a Back Pack full of school supplies for children in need. Each supply kit includes a ruled notebook, folders, binders, scissors, pencils, markers, crayons, glue stick, ruler, pencil sharpener, hand sanitizer and pocket tissues.

100% of the donation proceeds are used to purchase backpacks and supplies.

Thank you for the Generosity of our BIA Members!

Aaron Parker, Alan Jones, Alan Nevin, Alan Willingham, Andrew Cabrera, April Gringras,

April Hicks, Ben Seibel, Bob Cummings, Borre Winckel, Buddy Bohrer, Caroline Larson,

Cassandra Rocco, Chaz Hinz, Chris Hall, Chris Killian, Craig Kolk, Dave Hammar,

Dawn Davidson, Dawn Parent, Eric Armstrong, Eric Bland, Erika Moody, Fred Martin,

Gary Christensen, Geoff Hooker, Gwen Ross, Jack Farris, Jack Gallagher, Jamil Shamoon

Janice Patterson, Jasen Torbett, Jason Coriano, Jeff Chine, Jeff O’Connor, Jessica Nishiura

JoAnne Redwood, John LaRaia, John Patterson, John Propst, John Seymour, Jon Rilling,

Kathy Vos, Kay Grimes, Kellie Coon, Ken Sauder, Kim Holmes, Laura Wilson, Leigh Olszewski,

Lora Heramb, Lori Asaro, Lori Carpenter, Luis Garcia, Marc Harris, Marc Kaplan, Mark Moss,

Mark Radelow, Martha Guy, Martin/Ann Goldstein, Matt Croft, Melissa Deen, Mike Mahoney,

Mike McSweeney, Mike Steffen, Nancy Diamond, Rita Brandin, Rob Streza, Ron Shepherd,

Ryan Martin, Sales and Marking Council, Sara Kilburn, Sarah Morrell, Scot Sandstrom,

Scott Molloy, Sean Kilkenny, Seth Dorros, Shannon Gaunt, Shea Homes, Stephen Watson,

Steve Grimes, Steve Levenson, Steven Kaller, Sue Dowd, Teri Shusterman, Thad Pracht,

Tina Villa, Tom Perez, Tom Schwiebert, Tony Pauker, Tracey Girard, Trish Edmondson,

Tyler Sandstrom, Widney Hawthorne, William Marshall

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