The Press Presses for Slow Growth Initiative

Paid signature-gatherer solicits John Hancocks in front of a Stater Bros. supermarket in Poway. (J. Harry Jones/U-T)

By Borre Winckel, President & CEO
The article, “Backcountry development initiative faces signature deadline would have you believe that “It would require a public vote on general plan amendments that seek to drastically increase the number of housing units that could be built on property as it is currently zoned.”
This is incorrect.

(Continued from The Weekly)
Passage of this measure would force a county wide vote on projects located outside of the Village designations that seek to add five or more homes. How is that a “drastic increase?” In view of our acute housing crisis I find this type of reporting reprehensibly biased in favor of the “Protect the County Country Club Lifestyle” crowd.

This measure is a vindictive effort aimed by well to do NIMBY’s against I-15 corridor projects that are needed to fulfill the County’s housing obligations. It is absurd that our Region may soon face a vote on slowing housing down during a period of low housing production, high unaffordability and record homelessness. The people behind this measure should be ashamed. They will cause nothing else than more misery. Slow growth measures have one thing in common, they raise housing costs. This is the very last thing we need!