SANDAG Set to Reconsider Housing Numbers Vote

By Matt Adams
The San Diego Association of Governments decided to take another look at its housing production goals following a lengthy discussion at its Board of Directors meeting. The SANDAG Board came under heavy criticism for its earlier vote to reject the state housing goal of 177,000 homes called for by the state Housing and Urban Development Department. The regional planning body rejected the state number and asked the agency to accept a lower housing goal of 116,000 new homes between 2021 and 2029. The BIA joined by business and housing advocates urged the board to reconsider its earlier vote in the face of a crippling housing crisis that has seen home prices and rents skyrocket due to huge demand and scarce supply. The board struggled a bit on voting procedure in the early going on how best to revisit the issue. The initial vote failed to garner majority support among the 18 jurisdictions and required a weighted vote based on population to secure enough support to proceed. The board will take up the regional housing needs vote when it meets on June 8th.