Election Day!

By Matt Adams
Now it’s our turn. After months of campaigning on the streets, forums, mailboxes and social media, voters make their first round decisions at the polling both today. Things have changed since the last primary election in the City of San Diego. Candidates winning with more than 50% of the Primary vote can no longer declare victory and instead, head to a November runoff with the second runner up. County voters will have their say on who takes over for District 4 Supervisor Ron Roberts  who steps aside due to term limits. While Supervisor races can be decided in the Primary, the crowded field makes it unlikely that any of the five candidates can gather 50% of the ballots cast. The same is expected for the 5th Supervisor District with four candidates looking to take over for Bill Horn who is also termed out.


BIA members can review the BIAPAC Voter Guide that provides industry recommendations on the key races and ballot initiatives.  Polling place locations can be found at the Registrar of Voters website.  Polls are open until 8:00 P.M. this evening.