Hot Off the Press!

By Borre Winckel, President & CEO
At the time this newsletter was “fit to print,” two important news stories broke late. First, the Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside campaign folks submitted 107,000 signatures to limit housing growth in the County incorporated area. Second, the San Diego Housing Federation decided to postpone their Affordable Housing Bond campaign to 2020.


It’s a mixed bag in both cases. The proposed County slow-growth measure will not qualify for the November 2018 ballot box, but will most likely qualify for November 2020. Thus, we have this ill-conceived campaign to build fewer homes in a supply-starved market ahead of us still. The Housing Bond campaign, which had our involvement to prevent double taxation for projects that already provided subsidized housing, was never likely to go up against the City’s Convention Center expansion initiative in November. The Convention Center initiative is a proposed hotel occupancy tax, which should also provide generous funding for homelessness. All eyes are on the Registrar of Voters to confirm the validation of its signatures. We should know by August 8th.
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