Encinitas Closes In On Housing Element Adoption

By Mike McSweeney
On August 8th, the City of Encinitas will have another attempted 2nd reading of their draft Housing Element which will then go before the voters this November.

The deadline to make the ballot is August 10th, and the City is right up against the deadline. The City is currently being sued by three parties over lack of this State mandated Housing Element. The BIA is one of the entities litigating this issue. A Housing Element is a short-term “blueprint” demonstrating that Cities have enough adequately zoned land to accommodate future housing.

Encinitas has been without a state approved Housing Element since the mid 1990’s and the lack of a valid analysis adds to regulatory uncertainty making it difficult to build in the coastal city. BIA staff and key members have been monitoring the process for over a year as this effort finally comes to a final vote.

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