Election Day One Week Away

By Matt Adams
The finish line is in sight for candidates and voters with the November 6th General Election one week away. Nowadays every election carries significant importance as the balance of political power can tilt with a single race. Such an outcome is on display in San Diego City Council District 2 as Councilmember Lorie Zapf looks to fend off a challenge to her reelection from organized labor and others.


While technically a non-partisan race, democrats and unions look to unseat the two-term incumbent and gain a 6 -3 city council supermajority that would improve their chances of 2/3 council votes necessary to negate Mayoral vetoes. BIA members are urged to consult the BIA Voter Guide for candidate and ballot initiative recommendations before heading to the polls. Election information, such as polling locations and sample ballots is available from the Registrar of Voters Office.