2019 BIA Fee Survey Now Available in Member’s Only Area

By Angeli Calinog
The latest BIA Fee Survey is now available in the Members’ Only section of the BIA website.


In this year’s survey, every city in the county was surveyed except Coronado, Del Mar, and Solana Beach. In addition the majority of school, water, and sewer districts responded to our Fee survey request.


The intent of the Fee Survey is to give our members a resource tool when reviewing a potential project or for rough budgeting purposes. All jurisdictions review their fees on different timelines and this Fee Survey is a snapshot in time and should be considered as such. We hope to save our BIA members a phone call(s) to jurisdictions to ask for this information, as well as school, water and sewer districts.


The BIA strives to provide our members with timely and accurate information to help facilitate project processing and the Fee Survey aims to be a time saver for our members. If you have any questions, please contact Angeli Calinog.