Abusing Fire Risk to Block New Homes

By Borre Winckel, President & CEO
Opponents of new housing use the media to create a narrative ahead of March, 2020. That month, folks all around the County will vote on a series of new housing projects. The SD Union Tribune’s headline, San Diego County wants to build 10,000 new homes in fire-prone areas, suggests that industry builds sacrificial housing.


Housing built since the 2008 fires must meet the most stringent fire codes. Nothing is 100% fire proof. Nothing is 100% earthquake proof. Nothing prevents anyone from ever getting into a car accident either. Should the South stop building because of annual tornado or hurricane risks?


Years ago, four firefighters burned to death in the Northwest. They died because the value of steelhead and salmon disallowed the timely use of fire dousing water from a nearby river that might possibly contain protected fish species. Many similar idiotic regulations exist that defy common sense and, moreover, do put our communities at risk. Let’s learn from the Paradise fires to see what fire-prone conditions in the field led to this immense human tragedy.