One Month Later, Nearly All the Votes are In

By Matt Adams
It’s taken a while, but the Registrar of Voters has just about wrapped up the vote count on the November election. The latest numbers released Monday night leave just 1,500 ballots to be processed casting little doubt as to the victors.  The waning days saw one more lead slip away as Vista Councilman John Aguilera’s narrow lead over challenger Corinna Contreras turned to a 59 vote deficit.

Assemblymember Brian Maienschein looks to have survived his reelection after watching his 7,000 vote lead plummet to 672 votes in the race for the 77th Assembly District. North County cities will see new faces in Carlsbad with newcomers Barbara Hamilton and Priya Bhat-Patel taking seats in District 1 and 3.  Oceanside Councilmember Chuck Lowery’s relection was thwarted by council colleague Esther Sanchez in the first District. The National City vote over rent control is not going down without a fight. The No vote lead has shrunk more than half since election day and now stands at just 153 votes. The Registrar of Voters has until Thursday, December 6th to wrap things up and certify the election.