Committee Invites Housing Solutions

By Matt Adams
A San Diego Council Committee returns to a familiar name and a familiar issue: Housing Affordability. The renamed City of San Diego Land Use and Housing Committee (formally Smart Growth and Land Use) is set to talk housing at its first meeting of 2019 next week. New chair, Councilmember Vivian Moreno, has reached out to the BIA and others seeking solutions to the housing crisis that has flummoxed San Diego for years. The email request sets the stage for what the committee hopes is “an open and transparent exchange of ideas in an effort to find solutions that are effective and actionable.”


Despite local and state efforts to get a hold of the crisis, overall production continues to lag behind need due to regulatory and fiscal impediments. The most recent report from the Construction Industry Research Board has San Diego County on pace to produce fewer units than last year, and may not top 10,000 units region wide. Over the last three months San Diego County has averaged a little over 400 units with just 178 permits pulled in November.