Encinitas and Oceanside Appoint New Council Members, San Marcos is On Deck

The results from last November’s election are still being felt in North County.  In Encinitas and Oceanside, Councilmembers we either elected to State office (Encinitas Councilwoman Tash Boerner Horvath to the State Assembly), or elected to a “District” seat leaving an at large seat open (Esther Sanchez was elected to serve in District 2 in Oceanside).  In San Marcos the mayoral election triggered a Council vacancy.

In Encinitas the Council chose Kellie Shay Hinze, the executive director of the Leucadia 101 Main Street Association, to be the newest member of the Encinitas City Council.  She was chosen out of a pool of 10 applicants for the appointment.  You can read the UT article here.

In Oceanside Esther Sanchez was elected in 2016 when the City chose their council representatives in an “at large” basis, meaning two Council seats were up for election every two years and the top two candidates were elected.  After being threatened with lawsuits in early 2018, the City went to “District” elections and Sanchez ran against a Council colleague and others to win in District 2 by 329 votes.  Her election left her “at large” seat vacant and the Council appointed former Oceanside police officer, Ryan Keim, from a pool of 29 applicants. You can read the UT article here.

In San Marcos, incumbent Councilwoman Rebecca Jones was elected Mayor, leaving her Council seat vacant.  The City has until February 9th to either appoint a successor or call for a special election.  The Council is scheduled to interview all 24 applicants on Tuesday, January 15th at the special City Council meeting.  If an applicant isn’t chosen at the January 15th meeting, Council will delay action until the January 22nd regularly scheduled Council meeting.

Each City has chosen the appointment process instead of the special election as it saves the City the cost of a special election.  The cost of a special election is $400,000 in Encinitas, $700,000 in Oceanside and $600,000 in San Marcos respectively.