State Agency Puts Encinitas On Notice

By Mike McSweeney

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As BIA members already know, the BIA sued the City of Encinitas over its lack of a State required Housing Element. Every City is required under State law to Submit a Housing Element—a plan showing the State that the City has adequate land zoned for housing residents of all income levels.


This week the State Agency that reviews Housing Elements, HCD, sent the City a letter putting the City on notice that their proposed Housing Element did not meet their standards. HCD also directed the City to invalidate or amend the 2013 Citizens Initiative “Measure A” which placed any upzoning for residential uses before the voters for approval. Additionally, Measure A added very restrictive development standards to building height, setbacks, etc.


HCD realizes that Measure A has had a detrimental effect on housing creation as densities cannot be achieved with a 30 foot height limit.


Cities: Make Housing Your New Religion!

By Borre Winckel, President & CEO
The State Attorney General recently threw the book at Huntington Beach for their failure to accommodate middle income and lower income housing. Their action was based on our litigation against Encinitas, San Diego Region’s NIMBY HQ. They told us so. In general, we are not in favor of State intervention. Cities just need to do their job and make access to housing their new religion! If not, the State will come knocking.