San Diego City Council Shows Moxie

By Borre Winckel, President & CEO
This week, City Council had a choice. Green light a 442-unit condominium project by local developer Sunroad or bow to Labor demands. They did the former. Their unanimous action to deny a project appeal by Labor shows they have moxy. The night before Council cast their vote, attorneys for Local 89 dropped a 65-page CEQA compliance letter tied to their appeal of the City Planning Commission’s prior approval.


CEQA abuse shows up when Unions, who are known for forcing their way into an exclusive Project Labor Agreement, make a concurrent case that the project is an environmental disaster scenario. Let’s get real, this particular project is the last phase of a 20-year plan on an infill lot, part fully graded, part parking lot and right off the 163 Freeway. I share this matter for two reasons. First to thank City Council for standing up for housing. Second, to point out that this type of CEQA abuse is rampant and that it must be stopped. It is a key factor behind our housing cost crisis. Check this site out: Phony Tree Huggers and please support the CEQA reform work by Jennifer Hernandez of Holland & Knight.