Committee Approves Morena Corridor Specific Plan

By Matt Adams
The San Diego Land Use and Housing Committee gave the green light to a new vision for the Morena Corridor that increases densities and modified height restrictions. The Morena Corridor Specific Plan area includes the Morena, Linda Vista, Tecolote Road, and the Clairemont Drive trolley stations. It proposes to increase the capacity for new housing within Linda Vista by 400 percent from the current 1,386 buildout forecast to 7,016. Height limits in portions of the plan area will increase from 30 feet to 45 feet for ministerial projects and up to 100 feet for discretionary projects. There was talk if increasing the affordable housing requirement above city’s current requirement to 15% in site. Councilmember Chris Ward asked the City Attorney’s office to review the idea and report back to the city council. The Morea Corridor plan is expected to be heard by the full City Council in early April.