Y|GEN Mentor Program Starts Off with Success!

By Danielle Grommersch
Last Thursday marked the official start of the 2019 y|GEN Mentor Program with a record number of participants. Our 42 seasoned industry mentors and 42 bright and eager mentees were paired up based on areas of interest and expertise. The participants were paired in small groups as well to expand their exposure to different areas of the industry and learn from each other. This year brings a very diverse group with knowledge of all aspects of the industry. We look forward to a year of learning and growth and the most successful Mentor Program yet.
If you’re brand new to y|GEN or thinking about joining there’s still a way to get involved. In June we will begin implementing a midyear program for those that missed out on the first round of applications. Midyear applications will be available beginning in May so be sure to join y|GEN before then to take advantage of this great membership perk. For more information on y|GEN and to join click here.