Council Hears Need for Planning Group Reforms

By Matt Adams
Community Planning Group reform was the topic of discussion at Monday’s San Diego City Council hearing. The City Auditor was charged with conducting an audit of planning group procedures in response to ongoing criticism on how they conduct themselves. The audit found that the City’s “limited oversight, guidance, and training “ was probably a key factor to their lack of transparency, inconsistent records retention, and potential non-compliance with Council Policy and the Brown Act. Auditors suggest that the city up its training and oversight to improve efficiencies. This is the second time the issue was heard by councilmembers. The report went before the city’s Land Use and Housing Committee earlier this year with a recommendation to create a blue ribbon task force to explore reform recommendations for council consideration. Monday’s hearing was an informational presentation so no action was taken. Councilmember Chris Ward reiterated his desire to have a committee established to identify appropriate reform measures. It was unclear as to when that would be taken up.
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