Civic San Diego Relieved of its Land Use Authority

By Matt Adams
Civic San Diego, downtown’s land development arm of the City will relinquish its land use authority under a settlement agreement approved by the city council. The decision was in response to ongoing labor union litigation that challenged the City’s ability to delegate planning and land use operations to Civic, a City owned non-profit. Civic, and its predecessor CCDC, has operated for years and was widely seen as an efficient and dependable land use agency that culminated in the successful redevelopment of downtown San Diego. That success included 22,000 residential units with over 2,600 affordable, and more than a million square feet of both office and retail space. Project reviews under Civic’s purview were known to take months to evaluate compared to years in areas outside its authority. Under the settlement agreement, downtown land use will revert to the Development Services Department. The council will cast a final vote later this month and will assume control in July.