Residential Home Development – The Competing Uses for Available Land

By Bob Cummings, Chelsea Investment Corp. BIA Board of Directors
In my 27 years of BIA involvement, I have seen the forces working against new home production in San Diego County grow exponentially. We dream of the days of when our biggest worry was the Black-tailed Gnatcatcher. Over time, government driven policy which continues to add to the financial burden to mitigate becomes an ever-growing “tax” on the land. Different land uses are subject to different taxes.  As it stands today, residential use for a parcel is often times not the highest and best use for that land. Commercial, industrial and investment uses compete and can more often than not pay more for the land. In this era where government officials finally acknowledge we are in the middle of a housing crisis, one would assume there would be an effort to drastically reduce the burdens that have restricted the production of new housing stock. Unfortunately, we all know it is actually going in the wrong direction.


I have never been more proud of BIA San Diego for its organized effort to add reasonable changes to the proposed City of San Diego Inclusionary Housing Policy. The efforts to prevent added tax on residential land help keep all of us who are involved in the production of residential homes employed. More important, the fight to keep these burdens down eases the housing crisis and makes San Diego a better place to live. By being a member of BIA and better yet, becoming individually involved, you help keep the housing production business as a viable competitor for the remaining available lands.