Workshop Set for San Diego Housing Element

By Matt Adams
San Diego policy makers are set to embark on the next Housing Element that will set goals and strategies for the next 8 years. State law requires local jurisdictions to update their Housing Elements every eight years in order to outline the existing and projected housing needs. The plan requires the city to identify production goals and policies to achieve them and also identify methods to overcome housing constraints. This comes on the heals of the revised Regional Housing Needs Assessment established by SANDAG that calls for the city to produce over 107,000 new homes by 2028.


The ambitious goal means the City of San Diego would have to average over 13,000 new units annually at a time when production continues to fall and the entire region failing to come close to producing 10,000 homes in a 12 month period in years. The Thursday workshop at the Planning Commission will be followed by a series of community meetings. To facilitate participation by citizens who are not able to attend, workshop materials have been made available in an online survey. The survey will be open for responses through October 15.