San Marcos Students Building Walls

By Mike McSweeney
San Marcos high school students in the BITA Program (Building Industry Technology Academy) raised walls on the two 406 sq. ft. ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units or tiny homes) they are building as their “hands on” class project. BIA members and staff are helping teach the students how homes are built as part of the curriculum. Once the ADus are complete, they will be loaded on trucks and taken to a site and placed on permanent foundations, providing shelter for two people.


The BIA is asking for your help. Already BIA members have donated lumber, framing hardware, electrical supplies and materials to complete the roofing on these homes. The program needs help with trades persons willing to share their knowledge and work with the students. We need carpenters (framers & finish), plumbers, insulation, HVAC installers, drywall (hangers and tapers), and painters (to name a few).


The program also needs donations of materials to build/finish the tiny homes. We are in need of: plumbing fixtures and supplies (kitchen/bathroom); an on demand water heater; a mini-split Heating/AC system; kitchen cabinets and counters; interior trim (base, casing, closet shelf & pole); appliances (stove, fridge, DW, garbage disposal, stackable W/D); floor coverings (preferably vinyl plank flooring); window coverings; doors (entry, bathroom. Closet); and hardware (bathroom, door handles/locks.


If you can help or have an interest in this project contact Mike McSweeney at the BIA.