San Marcos High School BITA Tiny Home Project Update

By Mike McSweeney
Walls are up on our tiny homes and we’re getting ready for plumb and line. The students have been working hard and you can start to see the houses taking shape. Once plumb and line is complete, the students will begin setting the roof trusses.


Last Saturday, November 30th, eight students, BIA Staff and BIA member Mark Pilcher (more on him in a future issue), met the instructor at the school for a five hour build session. Aloha Truss in Ramona provided a mock-up of the roof truss, and the students broke up into three- two person teams to cut all the pieces for each truss so the students can build the trusses this week. The remaining two students worked with BIA staff to build the end rake walls.


In past issues we’ve asked for BIA members to help with materials, journeymen to teach the students, as well as dollars to purchase tools and materials for the kids to work with. Guy Asaro of Meridian Development shrewdly took advantage of Black Friday savings and provided a motorized 12” compound miter saw (with free stand) and an 8 piece DeWalt 20 volt tool kit (drill, impact driver, 6 ½” circular saw, oscillating saw, 4 ½” grinder flashlight and sawzall) for the program. Mr. Asaro asks that other development companies follow his lead by supporting this program by donating tools, materials, or dollars.


To donate or discuss this program, contact Mike McSweeney at the BIA.