Framing Nearing Completion on San Marcos ADUs

By Mike McSweeney
The small ADUs being built at San Marcos High School are nearing framing completion. During the school’s holiday break (Dec. 20-Jan. 13th) the students held three “build days” where they worked on the ADU’s for 6 hours each day. Build days averaged 6-8 students (22 students are in the class) and the students got to feel what a “real” workday is like building a home.



During this stretch we leveled the houses, plumbed and lined the walls, installed shear paneling and exterior wall sheathing, set the ridge beam and built the roof trusses. After school resumed on Jan 13th, the students started installing the roof trusses. Later this week we anticipate installing the roof sheathing and fascia.


After the framing tasks are complete, the students will begin the plumbing and electrical installations. The County of San Diego will be doing the building inspections and ensuring the students build to the latest version of the building code. Windows and doors are on order and the ADU’s are starting to look like a small home. We believe we have located a permanent location to install these homes and we look forward to sharing that information the next month. Additionally, the Union Tribune published an article last week detailing the program, curriculum and the student’s progress.


For more information or to help with this project, contact Mike McSweeney at the BIA.