When Climate Action and Water Quality Collide

By Borre Winckel, President & CEO

Click image for larger view.

Our State Water Resources Control Board is formulating new rules. It affects the General Permit. Yes, sounds like inside baseball. However, the implication is a massive debacle for building TOD projects and affordable housing if those projects are located inside the targeted watershed boundaries.

This map shows how San Diego’s poorest Council Districts 4 & 9 and the Cities of La Mesa and Lemon Grove are fully impacted by the new TMDL (total maximum daily loads) proposal. Basically, it will require urban runoff to be sparkling clean. You may want to look up maps for your area.


This is another fine example of how Climate Action and Water Quality interests collide. If the new rules take hold, there will be no meaningful TOD, no affordable housing and no homelessness improvements to be had in these locales.


Making matters worse, the RHNA housing numbers allocated to this mapped area are higher than ever. Can someone please call the Governor to let him know that his housing objectives are sort of kaput with this type of rule making?