A Message From BIA San Diego

As we get inundated with COVID-19 news and try to absorb and understand its impact, your BIA wants to play a helpful role amidst the turmoil. We wish to be an asset to you. As we write this, we are reaching out to all our jurisdictions that process our housing plans and inspect our construction jobs. We want to know how they plan to service our needs to avoid further disrupting a supply starved housing market. At the same time, we are exploring ways in which local government can provide regulatory relief to allow our projects to move forward. Members are welcome to share their needs and ideas with us. If we can collectively prevent local government from causing unwarranted slowdowns, the difference will be material.


We are a membership and volunteer driven organization. You, our members, are part of a large and professionally diverse network. While we are a resource to you, in turn you are a resource to us. During these times, we especially want to hear from you. Please let us know how we can be a difference maker. What type of data and information would you like us to distribute? What services should we consider. In essence, we want to know how we can best help you?


Finally, we are a resilient industry, whose people will not only survive, but will help lead the recovery. Your BIA wants to be your partner to help bring the recovery forward in time. While most of BIA’s Staff is working remotely from home, we are all “here” to help you.

Borre Winckel, President & CEO