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CBIA Conditionally Agrees to File Litigation over Piece Rate Bill

A coalition of trades and contractors reached agreement with CBIA Sacramento to file litigation over the harmful impacts of AB 1513, a bill which radically rewrote the payment practice of piece rate wages.  CBIA has agreed in principle to pursue a legal course subject to a number of conditions, which the coalition shall need to satisfy.

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The decision by CBIA to embrace a legal strategy is welcome news for many of BIA’s trades members who are smarting over huge liabilities imposed on them based on their past compensation practice.  Local BIA’s, like BIA San Diego, are advocating that builder members discuss compliance under AB 1513 with all their trades.  Just last week, BIASD co-hosted a seminar with CALPASC to discuss the very subject.  For more information, contact Michael Harris at 858-514-7027.