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Volunteering your time to support the industry directly supports the maximization of your membership return. We know through many testimonials that this is the best way to expand your network. No matter your business category, BIA has a variety of specialized committees and councils that you can choose from based on your specific interest and expertise. There are dozens of ways you can help your industry and your business by volunteering at the BIA. This is also a great opportunity to meet and be known to other industry professionals.

Click on the links below to learn more about BIA Councils and Committees and for contact information for joining.



Council represents the consulting side of the industry. These individuals are asked to use their expertise to help support issues that are being driven by our Public Policy Council and other legislative efforts. They are also responsible for educational seminars that pertain to their niche of the industry. This council is open to anyone in a consulting profession and has the ability to attend the BRC board meeting each month.

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This council represents all the categories that support the sales & marketing functions of the industry. The individuals range from sales/marketing representatives of builders to all companies that feed into this group such as sign companies, interior designers, mortgage companies, etc. This is an ideal group for anyone in sales, marketing, or new business development for the industry. This council is open to anyone in this group and can attend the SMC board meeting each month.

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This council is in place to move forward issues that pertain to the subcontractor. Educational seminars and other specific subcommittees will be the driver of this group. This council is open to anyone who is a subcontractor, remodeler, or custom builder and can attend the SCC board meeting each month.

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Often referred to as the next generation of leaders, this council is more age-specific. This is an ideal council for someone in your company who falls in between the young 20s to 30s. Professional growth and ability to network with others who will be in leadership roles at the same time in the future is a big appeal for joining. They also include a mentor program, skills seminars, building tours, and council-specific social networking events. There is a separate membership fee for this council of $100.

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At the direction of the Board of Directors, this council drives the legislative priority list and manages multiple issues affecting the industry. Work closely with the experts within the BRC to address issues. This council is not open, but guests can be invited to attend meetings based on qualifications.

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This council drives the issues relating to urban building for both for-sale product and for-lease product. Most of the emphasis is on downtown, but can be for other pockets within San Diego County. This is an open committee that can be attended by anyone who has expertise or projects in an urban region.

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Help determine how we communicate with our membership and the external public. This council is ideal for those in a communications/marketing role within your own company. Take a lead role in supporting the continuing adjustment of the association’s brand. The staff contact is Michael Harris.


As a member of the Events Committee, you will have an opportunity to shape how the events are created and managed. This committee has representatives from each of the four councils listed above, so you can network within the meetings with a wide-range of individuals. The staff contact is Karla Valeri.


As Redevelopment Agencies have gone away, housing affordability products will take a more visible place within projects. This committee will help drive and influence this discussion with different municipalities throughout San Diego County. A BIA San Diego member can be invited to this committee by the BIA San Diego’s Sr. Policy Advisor. The staff contact is Matt Adams.


Membership is at the heart of our association. Recruiting and retaining members is critical for the association to be as effective as possible. If you don’t mind calling and emailing a wide range of people and representing the BIA, then we need your efforts. No matter what your company’s industry niche, we can use someone who understands the value of the BIA and is passionate about helping it grow. The staff contact is Michael Harris.


All aspects of the building industry in North San Diego County, including City Councils, planning commissions, water districts, etc. that need influence or experts on particular issues. This is an open committee that can be attended by anyone who has expertise or business within the North County region. The staff contact is Michael McSweeney.


As a representative of the building industry, this committee interviews candidates and makes recommendations for political support. Work very closely with our Political Action Committee (PAC). This is a closed committee that must receive an invitation. The staff contact is Matt Adams.


Based on the direction of the Public Policy Council, this committee addresses issues that pertain to all aspects of the building industry for the City of San Diego and the unincorporated areas of the County of San Diego. This is an open committee. The staff contact is Matt Adams.


As one of the most visible topics and issues at this time, the new MS4 permit affecting Stormwater run-off is in need of experts to help counter this permit that will affect businesses well beyond the building industry. This committee is open to those that have direct expertise in the stormwater issue. The staff contact is Michael McSweeney.