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The Urban Council focuses on issues affecting the development and redevelopment of property within the urban areas of San Diego County. The range of issues we cover includes urban development guidelines, floor to area ratios, density limits, urban development fees, parking standards and more.

Our Members

Appointed by the BIA President each year, our members are cutting-edge industry professionals involved with redevelopment and building in established urban communities throughout the San Diego region.

We provide a professional forum for the exchange of ideas and information among members, advise members and the association on urban development industry issues, and serve as a liaison with the California Building Industry Association’s (CBIA) Urban Infill and Multi-Family Council.


Board Members


Buddy BohrerWakeland Housing
David WatsonDuane Morris
Doug AustinAVRP Studios
Eric ArmstrongFuscoe Engineering
Gilman BishopBishop Ventures
Gordon CarrierCarrier Johnson + CULTURE
Ian GillHighland Partnership/Silvergate Development
John LaRaiaHG Fenton
Sean MurphyJPI
John PonderSheppard Mullin
Marco SessaSudberry Properties
Melissa StaynerLGC Valley Geotechnical
Mike LaBarreCarrier Johnson + CULTURE
Rich GustafsonCityMark
Robert ItoIto Girard & Associates
Sherm Harmer, ChairmanUrban Housing Partnerships
Victor KrebsColliers
Matt Adams, Staff