About Project Green Light

Advocacy in action. This is a collaborative, member-driven effort to get development projects approved regionally and to get our members back to work!

Project Green Light (PGL) is by far the best way to meet and get to know a builder/developer at a time when they need you the most.   PGL allows BIA members the opportunity to help not only our industry as a whole, but also those projects that will provide a continued supply of jobs and much needed housing.

PGL is a simple concept. BIA Builder/Developer members who need support when seeking government approvals at Planning Commission or City Council look to other BIA members who can attend those local review meetings in person or even just write letters.  Whether you stand up and speak or just be a supporter in the audience, every single person who attends and make a big difference.

The Builder/Developer typically holds a pre-meeting at the BIA office with members of their team attending to explain the project and answer questions. This is a unique opportunity to have a very intimate face time with the builder/developer team.

Approved projects could represent your next business opportunity or establish a relationship for their next project. Don’t wait because we have 2-3 PGLs that are coming up quickly.  Sign up today. We will ask for your basic contact information including the City/Zip Code of where you live.  It makes a huge difference if you are representing the voting population in that particular jurisdiction.

By signing up for PGL you will be notified of new projects.
Please also review the list of projects below and RSVP directly to the contact for project(s) you will support.

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Current Projects

In the last several years, Project Green Light has proved to be immensely impactful. In fact, Project Green Light has been instrumental in getting over 4,200 units through the approval process and given the official go ahead to proceed.  Project Green Light will continue its success in 2020, helping achieve approval for the below projects that need your support.  Please RSVP to the designated contact person for each project if you are wanting to help.

Fanita Ranch – Santee

By: HomeFed Corporation

This project is up for City Council approval on Wednesday, September 23rd.  If you would like to help support Fanita Ranch by writing a letter or speaking during the Santee City Council meeting via online/phone, please RSVP to Michael Harris or call 858-514-7027.

• 76% OPEN SPACE – Permanently preserved open space, habitat preservation, parks and agriculture, as well as 35 miles of public trails trails.
• ANCHORED BY AGRICULTURE – A working farm, farmers market, farm to table restaurant, vineyards and orchards.
• A NEW STANDARD FOR SUSTAINABILITY – 100% of needed electricity provided by on-site solar, advanced water conservation to support Santee’s climate action goals.
• TRAFFIC IMPROVEMENTS – Adding an eastbound and westbound lane and on-ramp to SR-52 before a single resident moves into Fanita Ranch.
• IMPROVED FIRE PROTECTION – Fire resistant homes, increased setbacks, a new fully equipped fire station will improve community safety.
• ECONOMIC BENEFITS FOR ALL OF SANTEE – $8 million per year in revenue to the city and $9 million each year to local schools leave a net surplus of $3 million for the city in addition to more than $150 million in one time fees.

To learn about Fanita Ranch and more specifics about the above key facts, please visit Fanita Ranch website.

Otay Ranch Resort Village 13 Alternative H

By: Baldwin & Sons

This project received approval in April by the San Diego County Planning Commission.  It will now be going for approval from the Board of Supervisors on November 18th.  Contact Eric Johnston at 858-226-7600 for more information on how you can help get this project approved.

The Otay Ranch Resort Village 13 Alternative H project is a master planned community within Otay Ranch, situated on 1,869 acres. Alternative H includes 1,881 single family homes in a gated community, 57 multifamily homes, up to 40,000 square feet of commercial and office space, a joint use fire station and sheriff storefront, an elementary school, a 200 guest room resort hotel, public and private parks, a homeowners association recreation facility, multi-use and community pathways and trails, and over 1,100 acres of land to be permanently preserved and protected as part of the joint Resource Management Plan.

• It provides the type of desirable single-family housing that people in the South Bay are currently commuting to Riverside County for.
• It provides much needed housing needed for the continued expansion of business and industry in the southern portion of the County, and provides move-up housing for families in Chula Vista and surrounding communities who desire to remain in the area.
• It has been reviewed and approved for public safety by the San Diego County Fire Authority and Sheriff’s Department. Village 13 Alternative H includes funding for the construction and operation of a new fire station to enhance public safety in the Village and surrounding communities.
• It is part of the previously approved Otay Ranch Master Plan, and development of Village 13 has been part of the planning process since the late 1980s.
• The resort and commercial uses will provide good jobs.
• It’s a smart, walkable, net-zero community with energy sustainability features.
• It will enhance the region with a network of public trails all around the development perimeter that connect to existing trails in the County and City of Chula Vista.
• It will include the construction of an on-site public elementary school to meet education demands.
• The 10-acre public park will be open to everyone, not just the residents of Village 13 Alternative H.
• It will preserve and protect over 1,100 acres of sensitive habitat that is home to many species.

Note: Project Green Light is a member volunteer effort. BIA works exclusively on broad policy issues affecting the building industry and does not advocate for specific projects.